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VCI Ferrous Film
VCI Ferrous Film
VCI FERROUS FILM is an anticorrosive poly-film for Ferrous products, which can be conveted into bags, sheets, rolls and covers as per customer specifications.
VCI Ferrous Film VCI Non Ferrous Film
VCI NON FERROUS FILM an Anti-Corrosive Polyfilm for protection of Non ferrous products. It can be conveted into bags, sheets, rolls and covers as per customer specifications.
VCI Ferrous Film VCI Multimetal Film
VV-346 is all-in-one anticorrosive poly-film designed to be most effective incase of multi-metal products, which can be conveted in bags, sheets, rolls and covers as per customer specifications.
VCI Ferrous Film Rust Preventive Oil
Dry to touch Water soluble rust preventive oil.
VCI Ferrous Film Rust Remover Gel
A Gel which removes rust from the surface by just appling on it.
VCI Ferrous Film Rust Removing Spray
Rapidly removes rust from ferrous metal and stainless steel. Non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-toxic. Contains no solvents, acids, bases or hazardous ingredients. Works at room temperature. Requires no special equiptment. Easy and safe to use. Safe on soft metals, plastics, rubbers, PVC, and other surfaces unharmed by water alone. Inhibits rust from reforming for up to 4 weeks indoors. Will not pit or discolor un-rusted steel.
VCI Ferrous Film Biocompostable Bag
It provides a far superior environmentally sustainable alternative to both plastic (non-biodegradable, petroleum derived, pollution causing) and paper food service and packaging disposable products.
VCI Ferrous Film Plastic Film Wrap
Plastic Film Wrap: Pallet Film is used for wrapping the machine, export articles, coloured and printed surface etc.
VCI Ferrous Film Cling Stretch Film
     Cling Stretch Film is used to wrap food products. It is 100% food grade and can be used in freeze and oven.
This film is called cling film because it has cling property on one or both side. It sticks to the food and keeps the food fresh for long time. It can be used in micro wave, deep freezer.

VCI Ferrous Film Stretch Wrap Film
Stretch Film : Stretch Film is used for packing boxes and for group packing.
VCI Ferrous Film PE Cling Film
PE Cling food wrap protects food from external particles and spoiling and it is totally microwave safe.
VCI Ferrous Film High Glue Film
This is used for repairing all kinds of damaged silage Film. It has super strong gluing and it is UV- stale.
VCI Ferrous Film Lamination Film
This film is laminated with BOPP film for making different types of packs like oil pouch, snacks packet etc.
Bundling Film Bundling Film
Bundling film is also known as hand wrap. Its very easy to use with the help of Dispenser. Easily we can wrap on any material to make it safe.
VCI Ferrous Film Barrier Film
Barrier Film: having a high strength it makes the product comfortable and saves it from moisture and its transparent.
VCI Ferrous Film LDPE Shrink Film
LDPE Shrink Film: Shrink Film is used for group packaging.
VCI Ferrous Film Black Stretch Film
Black Stretch Film: Black Stretch Film is used for high quality pallet wrapping. It comes in transparent black and opaque black . Total black for keeping the information of the product safe and due to its thickness and opaqueness the material is safe from UV rays.
VCI Ferrous Film Coloured Stretch Film
Coloured Stretch Film: This Film is used for efficient look and it comes in opaque grade and transparent colour grade. This type of film is used for packaging different coloured parts of machines, cartoon packing, fiber pipe packaging etc.
VCI Ferrous Film Cling Meat Film
Cling Meat Film: PE Cling Film is non toxic and easy to use for packing food to save it from germs and saves food from spoiling for longer time. It comes with high transparency and excellent cling property.
VCI Ferrous Film Sliage Stretch Film
Sliage Stretch Film: Three layer co-extruded PE Silage stretch film is excellent stretch performance, good puncture resistance and tear resistance, consistent and uniform opacity, good cling and UV protection.
Three layer co extrusion PE silage stretch film is the most advanced packaging used for agricultural use.
VCI Ferrous Film Mulch Film
Mulch Film: Mulch film is used in horticulture to weed growth preserve the structure of soil and prevent evaporation. Encourages early cropping and increasing yield, keep plants clean. Available in standard and biodegradable forms.
VCI Ferrous Film Air Cushions
Air Cushions : (Air Bubble Film) Are composed of small air pockets entrapped between two layers of polyethylene films. The continues air bubble pattern ensures an excellent cushioning effect on fragile and valuable items. Air Bubble Film is lightweight, flexible and protective which makes it a perfect transport packaging material. Available in various designs and sizes. Antistatic and laminated grades are also available.
VCI Ferrous Film FILL AIR
FILL AIR: Quickly Converts compact rolls of specially formulated tubular material into continuous perforated chains of air filled cushions.
    1. Versatile: Inflated cushion is excellent for a wide variety of void fill light duty applications.
    2. Easy to use : Just tear off the desired number of cushions from the chain and pack into place.
    3. Clean: No loose fill mess or dust to clean up unlike shredded paper.
VCI Ferrous Film Inks Presswood Pallets
Inks Presswood Pallets : Meet the most rigid phytosanitary measures of IPPC FAO.ISPM No. 15. This means that no extra heat or fumigation treatment is needed. Advantages: saves storage space and reduces handling time. Pallets are manufactured without nails or screws thereby preventing injury or damage. Excellent dynamic and static load bearing capacity.
VCI Ferrous Film Paper Pallets
Paper Pallets: Is an excellent example of environmental thinking. They confirm to the green packaging favored by an increasing number of customers. It is 100 % recyclable, when combined with other recyclable packing materials, the customer can obtain a fully recyclable packing solution.
VCI Ferrous Film OSB Pallets and Boxes
OSB Pallets and Boxes: Pallets and boxes are made from Oriented Strand Board, has uniformity and it is engineered to perform. It has very good strength, stiffness and impact resistance. OSB Pallets and boxes has no core voids, knot holes or delaminating problems, thus making the products strong and durable.
VCI Ferrous Film Dunnage Bags
Dunnage Bags: Damage to containerized cargo occurs when there is movement of cargo inside the container. To prevent this damage an inflated dunnage bag is placed in voids between the cargo. The bag is then inflated with compressed air till it fits tight between the palletized load. This prevents movement during transportation. Dunnage bags are the logical answer to your shipping damage. Though dependable and easy to inflate, these dunnage bags are quite simply the most cost effective and convenient way to protect your cargo.
VCI Ferrous Film Angle / Edge Boards
Angle /Edge Boards: Means protection of products and reinforcement of existing packing. An ideal solution for damage caused during transport and handling of goods.
VCI Ferrous Film Expanded Polyethylene Foam
Expanded Polyethylene Foam: Are two exciting products of closed cell structure, which fulfils your packaging, transporting and marketing objectives in a manner that is aesthetic, functional and cost effective. Above all it ensures the protection of your product. Gives excellent cushioning. They are flexible, resilient, abrasive, chemical, moisture resistant. They provide good thermal insulation, non-toxic,odourless and light weight.
VCI Ferrous Film Cross Link Foam
Cross Link Foam: Its unique feature of high density profile offers the multiple benefits of exceptional resistance, compression strength and impact resistance besides excellent elasticity, elongation at break and tear resistance. It also has a high level of buoyancy.
VCI Ferrous Film Pulp (Fibre) Moulded Products
Pulp (Fibre) Moulded Products: Pulp Moulding is our basis to which we add knowledge, creativity and flexibility resulting in environmentally friendly and cost effective packaging products.Buffer construction made from moulded pulp(recycled paper) are light weight ,compact and allow optimal stacking.
VCI Ferrous Film Plastic Moulded Boxes
Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic Moulded Boxes: FIBRE GLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC MOULDED BOXES has excellent and excellent dimensional stability which can be made hermitically sealed ,thus making it very ideal for packaging of Ammunitions, Electronic devices and Electrostatic sensitive components etc. Advantages: Excellent Strength , Stackable ,Durability, Reusable, Non –Corrosive, Shatter Proof. Inner Cushioning foam fitments in different materials, either moulded or fabricated are offered as total packaging. Any shape, imaginative designs, embossing can be done as per customers’ requirements.
VCI Ferrous Film Moulded Foam Cushion
Polyurethane Moulded Foam Cushion : POLYURETHANE PACKAGING FOAM is one of the most innovative, convenient and cost–effective packaging material available to protect your products from transportation damage. here are two types of Polyurethane foam available for packaging.
    1. Flexible Moulded Foam Cushion.
    2. Rigid Moulded Foam Cushion.
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  Established in 2003 with meager investments, VCORR has evolved as a leading manufacturer of the anticorrosive products catering the need of many automotive & metal parts exporters.

Our continual quality conscious research & development, and zest to provide the best has led to the invention of many customer friendly, better & the most economical range of anticorrosive products.

The single phenomenon which has become a nightmare of a problem for the engineering industry all over the world. This is costing industries billions of dollars, resulting in their efforts being reduced to nothing. Nearly all the metals, bi metals, alloys, castings, forgings and parts, components, equipments made from them are very much prone to corrosion.

After thorough R & D and number of tests, we have indigenously developed this “RUST- O-PACK” VCI poly film to provide effective protection from corrosion.

For us Quality for us is not an accident, it is a continuous conscious effort towards betterment of our products in a way to help our esteemed customers to get best of the packaging solutions.

Hence we at VCORR owe to work collectively towards achieving the best.

Rust Free world

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